Our various recording spaces at Dragonship offer the flexibility, isolation, and acoustics needed for the accurate, detailed recording of any source. The studio features the functionality and efficiency of purpose-built, commercial set-ups, but a more inviting and inspiring setting. While we maintain an enviable collection of instruments and audio tools, the sonic signatures of our rooms provide the real magic of the Ship.


Piano Live Room Wide.jpg

The Main Tracking Space

Our central tracking area comprises more than 1000 square feet set across three rooms and boasts 18' ceilings. It's oriented in an asymmetrical, octagonal design offering ample but controlled ambience and negligible sonic artifacts. Our cache of gobos and moveable acoustic panels allows for nearly any reverberant scenario. The room is a fantastic space for drums and percussion, solo piano, jazz trios, horn sections, string ensembles—any and all acoustic instruments or vocals. It's also an exemplary site for roaring guitar cabs and other sonic experiments. 

The Steinway

At the heart of our primary live room sits our beloved 1965 Steinway B grand piano, fully restored by Lindeblad Pianos. This instrument is a favorite of session players, classical musicians, and jazz pros from across the region. It is routinely tuned and voiced by expert local technicians.

CR Fish Eye BIG.jpg

The Control ROom

At 20' X 15', with 15' ceilings, our control room is spacious and comfortable, offering an expansive "producer's sofa" at the rear and generous space for tracking electric and electronic instruments. Our monitoring system is fully calibrated to the well-treated environment. All of our amps are wired to cabinets and iso cabs in the live areas, and we're fully equipped for MIDI production, re-amping, and all manner of electronic and computer-based toys. It's a collaborative space, where all members of the production team can feel at ease and creative. 

Vocal Booth

The Nooks

One of the virtues of converting a residence into a studio is finding unorthodox and compelling recording environments. Rest assured, if our large, traditionally-treated spaces don't cut it, we've got a niche that will.